Outdoors With Her Testimonials

Here at Outdoors With Her, we hear every year from clients about Laurel's knowledge, positive attitudes and fly fishing guide skills. Most importantly she will teach you how to be a better angler whether you’re a beginner or advanced angler. We’re sure you’ll agree that she's got one of the best programs around.

Don’t just take our word - see what our previous anglers have to say about fly fishing with Outdoors With Her, LLC.



Women's Fly Fishing Retreat 

Having never fly fished before, this was a totally new experience. Laurel had all her “ducks in a row”. Class - where she was so patient and explained everything in ways we could understand and was so “hands on”. Outside - where we practiced to get the feel of the fly rod and learn how to cast. Then on to a lake where we were able to put our newfound knowledge to use. Finally to rivers where she ran back and forth to make sure we were okay and tied on new flies to replace the ones we kinda put in places she was unable to retrieve. Long story short—Laurel is the real deal. Great teacher, knows her stuff, passionate about fly fishing and I highly recommend her.

- Connie Mull

Women's Fly Fishing Retreat 

I flew from the desert of Las Vegas to the lush green landscape of Ohio to attend this women's fly fishing retreat and and was over the moon happy that I did. Laurel's love of fly fishing and the outdoors shines through when she teaches. I learned all the basics to get me started, i.e., casting, feeling comfortable in the water and using the equipment. Would I take another class from her? You bet I would! I encourage anyone interested in fly fishing to give Laurel a call.

- Pam Borgos



Women's Fly Fishing Retreat 

I attended Laurel's fly fishing retreat Summer 2018 completely new to the sport. During instruction, Laurel brought up the many details that could have easily been assumed to be known so that we could put in practice on the water immediately without having to fumble around. She exercised such patience while working with 5 newbies in the water at once. I came away with more knowledge and confidence than I could have imagined in that short time period. I highly recommend Laurel and this event to anybody even remotely interested in fly fishing. She will get you hooked.

- Maria Lawler


Guided Client

My husband and I wanted to try fly fishing around Bozeman, I heard about Laurel and reached out to her to guide us.  We were both glad that I did!  Laurel taught me how to cast a fly rod, and helped my husband catch 4 different trout species all within the few hours we were with her. Her personality was a blast to be around, and we both loved how she helped us without being overwhelming.  It was a fantastic experience and exactly what we wanted when booking a guide. We highly recommend Laurel to everyone looking for a fly fishing guide!  - Nicole Stone

Guided Client

March 11, 2017 will forever be one of my most memorable outings. I hadn't fly fished in about 156 years and it was an honor to be guided by Laurel Monaghan. She supplied me all of the necessary gear and her instruction was spot on. I landed a fish or two and to my own demise missed many sets. I wouldn't trade that day for anything and I would be hard pressed to find anyone that could truly top Ms. Monaghan. Truly grateful for the experience. -  Andrew Cawley



Women's Fly Fishing Retreat 

I flew over 2,200 miles to learn from Laurel and it was worth every mile. Laurel is very thorough in the teaching fly fishing, teaching about the gear, and out on the water. She is very passionate about fly fishing and really cares about the women she teaches and their success after the retreat. I totally recommend signing up for any retreat or workshop that Laurel is teaching. - Marie Kirk

Women's Fly Fishing Retreat


I attended Laurel’s women’s fly fishing retreat in Ohio. And can I just say?! Wow!? This girl knows her stuff. I can’t believe how patient she was with a bunch of newbies but she was amazing. She is so knowledgeable and helpful in every aspect of fly fishing. From which fly to throw to which gear to purchase she is there every step of the way. I can’t wait to fish with her again soon!! Friend and mentor for life. - Blaire Boone