September Update

When I got started I didn’t have a mentor, or know any other females that did what I wanted to do. I knew plenty of men who fished or hunted recreationally, but none that ever dared to do it full time. To them my ideas were far fetched, and the center of most jokes. But I am out to prove them all wrong! 


I started learning, blogging, but mainly sharing my journey of how I got started, tips, the products I love, and advice I can give to anyone starting out. It is  my hope to evolve and become the person that I myself needed when I was starting out. I want to be a role model for younger generations of females & peers alike. The outdoors shouldn’t scare women, it is one place where we [ females ]  have the potential to really find ourselves, our independence and build confidence. I want to help others find that same spark in themselves.  


As for me I am in the DIY and education part of my journey. I want to absorb as much as I can about fishing, hunting, and how to help others do both successfully. I have spent the better part of the last year, trying things on my own, making mistakes, testing products, brands, and every piece of gear you can imagine. Now, it’s time to step it up. In October, I will be embarking on my biggest journey yet. Montana, here I come! I chose to start my formal education with Fly Fishing Guide School, put on by Montana Fishing Guide School. Both Gallatin River Guides  and  Montana Fishing Outfitters have a reputation like none other. They have produced highly skilled guides for years. I am extremely humbled that I get to learn from such knowledgeable professional like  Pat Straub  and  Garrett Munson.    


Guide school is only the start! I have a jam packed few months ahead of m so be sure to follow along!