Watershed Dry Bags. What's in the Yukon?

I know that you're thinking, there is not much up in the Yukon. But, no, not the territory far north... I am talking about the most functional dry bag on the market. I recently accepted a position with Watershed Dry Bags during the tail end of guide season and I could not be more excited to represent this brand! These are some of the most functional, durable, and dare I say, the most waterproof bags on the market. For everyday boat use, The Yukon is my go-to! Being prepared is my modus operandi. I pack everything, all the time, everywhere I go, into organized bags. When I first relocated to Montana, I thought I was prepared for a full day on the water.  However I immediately learned that as quick as the weather changes, I needed more gear to truly be prepared. I needed more of everything! Weather in the valleys can change in an instant, and it was necessary to get the proper gear to be prepared. As a guide, I not only need to make sure I can sustain the elements all day, but I also need to be prepared with gear for clients who are in need. Being able to fish all day in any condition, rain, wind, snow, or heat is important! Fishing stops for no one, no element, no roadblock in Montana. Finally after a full winter and spring season here in Southeast Montana, I have it dialed in. Here's a look into what's in my Yukon:



Spec: Yukon 

Weight: 2lb 7 oz

Capacity: 4200 CU. IN. (70 L)

Dimensions: 14"H x 27"L x 13"W

Opening Size: 24"

Closure Type: ZipDry


Core Layer

There is nothing more important than base layers that keep my core warm! If the fishing is slow, the least you can do is be prepared to be outside all day long:

Simms Contender Gore-Tex Jacket 

Patagonia Nano Puff Vest 

Simms  - Freestone Waders 

Patagonia Nano Puff Pullover 

Patagonia Merino Mid-weight Crew 

Simms WaderWick Thermal Pant 

Cabela's Rainy River Gore-Tex Pant 

A full Gore-Tex outerwear set is crucial! Do not skimp on these pieces. You want to stay dry, you want your warming layers to stay dry. Make the investment!



2 Wading Belts (I prefer the stretchy ones!) 

Socks: Wool, Regular, Neoprene (they come in handy during late summer/early spring when you are fishing in flip flops. Throw them on and your feet will stay dry & warm)

Gravel Guards

2 Buffs 

Gloves: Sun, Winter, Regular, Neoprene 

Beanie & Baseball Cap 

Water Wicking Towel/Shammy 

It might seem excessive to have this all in the boat on a bright sunny day, but think of it as the emergency kit in your car you never use, or the jumper cables in the back of your truck that you forget about. This kit is there as reassurance that when the weather goes sideways, you are going to be warm & protected from the elements.

The Yukon keeps me fishing in any storm!

A huge thank you to Unbranded Photography for doing all my in-home photography for this post!