Tricks of the Trade. SHOT Show 2018

Did you read that title twice, I sure did when I wrote it. Sounds crazy right? Vegas & budget usually are not synonymous or at least used infrequently in the same sentence. For most vacation is the time to splurge, forget the budget & dive into relaxation! But for those in the outdoor industry budget is our best friend! With 8 plus weeks of show season, watching your budget is a must. Uber/Lyft, Food, Shows; it all adds up and very quickly when in the city that never sleeps. Now I am no expert, but I did just manage to come home from a week in Sin City, feeling relaxed and with a few extra dollars in my pocket.

Food //

My best kept non-secret... planning ahead. When traveling, I pre-plan breakfast, lunch & snacks and do all my shopping before I even leave home. This usually costs me between $30-$40 depending on the duration of my trip. Doing it this way, allows me to stay on track with my eating habits, avoid over eating, eating the brands I am used to and not spend $20 on pancakes. As for dinner budget roughly $30- $50 for a decent meal out. That range accounts for a main entree and a drink. If you are in town for meetings - coordinate them over the dinner hour or plan to eat in a large group. Portions can be large, so sharing is always an option. The dining options in Vegas are world-renowned, so with one easy step before you even get to town you can enjoy a delicious meal of your choice every night guilt free!


Transportation //

Travel in packs! Uber or Lyft are the best bet when getting around town. A typical ride from one end of strip to the next is $8-10. The benefit of using one of these services is that the meter is not running while waiting in traffic. And trust me... traffic never ends. 


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Gifts //

avoid them! Unless you are there to shop, you don't need it! Sightsee, walk through the shops, hotel lobbies or take a gondola through the Venetian. There is so much to see that spending money on gifts should be the last thing on your mind. 


Extras //

This is what Vegas is known for! Shows! See them! Chances are that if you plan ahead and use apps like StubHub or TicketMaster you can find killer deals on some of the hottest shows in town. 


Alcohol //

This can blow your budget. If you do drink, I would suggest finding a shot machine or table of choice and spend a few dollars. As long as you are gambling the drinks are free for you and your group. (they usually only serve 3-4 guests with you).