Turkey Time! Ladies Hunt 2017

Part 1: The Introduction 

Women never look so well as when one comes in wet and dirty from hunting.
— R S Surtees

Outfitter: Xtremehunts

Location: Helper, Kansas 

When: May 1-3, 2017 

Camo: Rocky Brands, Venator Camo 

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Tags: 1 

Shotgun & Bow  


Meet the Ladies 

Sometime during 2015 our social media worlds collided. Four girls spread out across the United States, who under any other circumstance would have never met, who all share the same passion, the outdoors, came together. Over the next year, we continued to follow along with one another's hunts, travels, fishing trips, and life. In the early fall of 2016, we decided a girls trip was a mandatory! By Thanksgiving 2016 we had narrowed down our options, a turkey hunt was at the top of the list. Courtney had hunted with Tony at Xtreme Hunts the season prior and recommended that we look into heading back to Kansas for another trip. Since hunting was what brought us together, this was right up our alley. So we booked it! 3 days in southern Kansas on a semi-guided hunt chasing ole' Toms. These are some of the best women I have had the pleasure of sharing camp with! Get to know em', you'll be seeing a lot more of them!  


Amelia Farrar

My name is Amelia Farrar. I was born and raised in Alabama, but I'm currently living in a small town nestled against the muddy James River in central Virginia. The outdoors has always been and always will be a part of my life. Fishing grabbed be early, at just three years old I had a Mickey Mouse rod glued to my hands. By the time I turned five I had landed everything from Large-mouth bass in mossy farm ponds to Florida Pompano. It wasn't until the fall I turned fifteen that my brother would introduce me to the world of hunting.

"You dropped him!" my brother excitedly whispered to me after pulling the trigger on my first whitetail deer. From the chills, the tears and the blood kissed cheeks; the memory of my first harvest will remain clear and crisp in my mind for the rest of my life. Soon after, my love for the outdoors spread to dove, feral hogs, turkey, bear and kayak fishing. Of all my hunts and harvests, nothing from my life has seared into my memory quite like my first bow kill. Seven years ago, I saved every penny to purchase my first bow, a Parker Sidekick. It wasn't until I met my archery crazed husband that I really began to develop the knowledge and skills it would take to be an ethical and successful bow hunter. After a few seasons of hard hunting and persistence, I finally let an arrow fly and connected with a beautiful whitetail buck. Having filled archery deer tags on private land, the last few years my sites have been set on other game species. I now mostly hunt public lands in the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia but I am eager to venture westward.


Courtney Riser

My name is Courtney. I'm 26 years old and from Northeast Louisiana. Although I did not grow up hunting, I fell in love with the lifestyle when I was first introduced to it by my fiance around seven years ago. When I'm not working you can find me outside doing something. When in season we hunt whitetail deer and turkeys mostly. In the off season I enjoy shooting my bow either in the yard or at 3D archery tournaments. I started Sportswomen United to help other outdoor women come together. So often we see women putting each other down and I hope to encourage the opposite. Let's open the door for other women to feel more comfortable getting in the outdoors, whether that be for hunting, fishing, hiking or just watching the wildlife :) 


Cara Holland

My name is Cara Holland and I am from Little Rock, AR. I started hunting and fishing with my dad when I was three. My family operated a lodging and guide service near Stuttgart, so duck hunting was a major part of my childhood. I always had a gun in my hand. Even if I was too small to carry a shotgun I'd be shooting my BB gun right along with the guys!

Over the years I have developed an immense passion for the outdoors. I love the added challenge of bowhunting but enjoy hunting with a rifle or muzzleloader as well. I especially love to pursue whitetails, mallards, long beards, and elk! I trained my lab, Mya, and she has been retrieving ducks since before she was a year old! Even though Arkansas has a wide variety of wildlife I plan on traveling to expand my exposure to different game animals like antelope, mule deer, etc. 

I do not believe hunting is just about killing. I have been raised to love the experience of being in the outdoors and to enjoy the beauty in nature and wildlife that God created; that hunting is conservation and preserving wildlife for future generations so I can share the tradition with my children one day. Hunting is a way of spending time with your family and disconnecting from all the distractions in life. It’s a challenge, adrenaline rush, a series of highs and lows, and always an opportunity to learn. I look forward to sharing my hunting experiences with you and what I learn from them!   


Packing List:  

Now, this would not be a ladies trip if we all didn't over pack! I wish I would have snapped a photo of the cars! (oh, boy did we bring everything we needed and then some!) Since this was my first turkey hunt and my first hunt in the south, I was nervous... to say the least! Courtney put together a packing list that made sure we were all ready to go! 

  • ID, License & Tags

  • Gun

    • Plenty of ammunition (turkey loads)

    • Turkey choke

    • Sling for shotgun

    • Case for gun

    • Shooting stick (optional)

    • Gun tool for adjustments

    • Cleaning kit/oil&cloth

  • Bow

    • Plenty of arrows, broadheads

    • Quiver

    • Wrist release

    • Extra nocks

    • Hard case for bow

    • Bow tool for adjustments

  • Binoculars

    • Glass and lens cleaner

  • Rangefinder

  • Turkey Vest/Backpack

  • Small fold up chair for long sits or seat cushion if not one on vest

  • Calls

    • Pot/Diaphragm calls

    • Strikers for slate calls

    • Locator calls (crow/owl)

    • Protective case/ziplock bag for slate calls to keep from getting wet

    • Sandpaper or scotch-brite pad to rough up pot calls

  • Thermacell mosquito repellant

    • Extra butane & pads

  • Tick spray

  • Nose Jammer

  • Fold-able saw with a little pair of handheld limb trimmers

  • Zip Ties for attaching carcass tag

  • Knife & Sharpener

  • Face paint 

  • Hunting Clothes

    • 2-3 pairs of light, breathable camo clothes (some good for layering, temps may change frequently)

    • Maybe a black jacket or hoodie for blind

    • Light camo jacket

    • Face mask

    • Camo/neutral color hat (turkeys can see colors really well)

    • Camo gloves

    • Camo rain gear if you can bring it

    • Moisture wicking socks

  • Boots

    • At least a rubber pair for dewy mornings

    • Or waterproof snake boots

    • Boot dryer (optional)

  • Pop up blind and chair

  • Decoys (hen, jake & gobbler)

  • Ice chest for meat & drinks 

    • Bottled water 

  • Freezer bags

  • Chap stick* (Kansas is windy)

  • 2-3 pairs of regular street clothes

  • Flashlight 

    • Extra batteries

  • Camera 

    • Extra batteries/packs

    • Battery charger

    • Extra SD Cards

    • Tripod

  • Measuring Tape


Up next, the hunt!