The Year of Fruition | 6 Month Check In

Your life is not a competition with others, it is a journey with YOURSELF!

In the fall of 17', my dear friend Brooke (@brooke.averill) challenged me to find a word that would represent my goals for 2018. I initially thought she was crazy then as I let it sink in, I realized how motivational it would be to pick one word and intentionally work toward setting and making goals with a purpose. The word I choose;


fru·i·tion: noun. the point at which a plan or project is realized


In my blog, Coming to Fruition, I set a handful of goals for twenty-eighteen. As I round out the end of six months since I set those goals, I wanted to do a quick check in to see how far I have come! 


Attend 4 Industry Related Shows as Staff - DONE 

Teach 5+ Fly Fishing 101 Classes - DONE

Build Programs for Fly Fishing & Hunting  - under construction 

Guide 80 + Days of the Water - getting there! 

Continue Growing my Firearms Knowledge - coming soon 


Just as I started to get comfortable in the New Year, God laughed and decided to teach me life lesson, the lesson of walking away. For years, when things hit the fan I would RUN away, I would turn on my heels and sprint in the opposite direction without looking back. This time, He taught me how to walk away with my eyes wide open. To see the negative in the situation and to deal with it the healthy way. It was within this lesson, I learned to walk away from the negative people, the negative situations, the negative behaviors and clean up the negative areas lingering in my life. And you know what? The minute I rationally walked about from all the negative in my life, I found an overwhelming sense of relief. For the first time in a long time, I was truly happy with where I was, not only from a business standpoint but in my personal life. I no longer felt like I had to carry the burden of other peoples negativity & my own self negativity. I made a choice to realign with what truly matters. 

It has been six months of truly believing in the power of self-love, self-care, and building even more self-confidence in who I am. As I begin to tell my story on a more public platform later this year, I will be sharing snippets of "my story" and how I continue to find motivation and inspiration in my daily life. 

I had always known I wanted a non-traditional career, always. As a kid I dreamed of having one of the "fun" jobs; marine biologist, dolphin trainer, zookeeper. If it was out of the ordinary, I wanted to do it. Fast forward two decades, my career may not be any of those jobs. But it is so much more than I could have dreamt up. I am no longer chasing my dream job; I am living my dream life. I set my own rules, my own hours, my own schedule & I absorb the outdoors on a daily basis. 

In 2015 when I decided to pursue a career in the outdoor industry full time, I was terrified. There I was at 25 years old, managing a customer service division, living in my parents home, and longing to be on an adventure rather than at work. I spent the larger part of the four years after college in the Insurance Industry living the "American or Cooperate Dream" climbing the ladder, shaking hands, and for what? A corner office one day? That was not enough. I wanted to break the mold, go my own direction and create the life I wanted, free of restrictions and boundaries. I simply wanted a life I did not need a vacation from. 



Need Inspiration? I Do! 


How do I juggle it all? The outdoors is my life - but what sits at the cornerstone? My story is unlike others, it is unique. I created this life, I forged the way for where I am. But now what? I am good at so many things, but a master at none {or some} ... And in today's world, is that enough? 

I think everyone battles with that same question, what is enough? Have I done enough? Have I accomplished enough? The varying forms of this question go around and around in my head on an almost daily basis. When the pressure of trying to answer that question builds up and I begin to feel overwhelmed, I turn to Youtube & Podcasts. My first stop... a video by Eric Thomas.


How Bad Do you Want It? 


For me, I need the reminder to stop seeking a reward for what I am going to do, to stop seeking validation for what I am trying to do. My feelings of being overwhelmed come when my focus has shifted from my why and on to my how. When I let the unnecessary parts of my business take control, the reminder that it is not about the product, but rather the process, I can regain the control. It will ALWAYS be enough if you are giving all of yourself to the process. Not the end goal, not the pot of goal at the end of the rainbow, but the process. 

This is your life, this is the life you are creating! In the moment that you understand that life is a gift you elevate yourself to that standard. This "process" is about the legacy you are trying to leave, the good you are doing for other people, the positivity you outpour to others, not the approval of everyone and the collection of things. 

The process is the rapture of being alive. 

What do you use to maintain daily motivation? What do you do to consistently get better. Let me know!