Personal Post. She's Married!

Falling in love was the easy part for these two! They love to love, laugh more than any other couple I know, fight fair, and truly enjoy each others company. I honestly do not know any other couple that spends more time together than these two. From work to play, they are always together. This was inherently clear when looking back at all the events leading up to the wedding! 

Now, to truly know my twin sister, is to know that she plans everything! Not one detail about this wedding was out of place. From the beginning, it was her goal to bring their friends and family together. Something I think most brides forget when planning such a big day. Let me explain, yes weddings are about the bride and groom, but what Heather & Ron did will always stand out to me. The engagement party, bridal party meet & greet, wedding planning weekends, dress fittings, food tastings, a group bachelorette/bachelor party, and a truly inclusive wedding weekend, family & friends were at the core of all of it. By the time the wedding happened,  everyone was family.  How many people can actually say that? I have spent more time with my brother-in-laws family during holidays and weekend dinner parties, than most do in a lifetime. Simply because they have fostered it! They believe in unity, they stand for family, and they make it a priority!  

Sharing some of my favorite captures from the day & my toast to the new bride & groom. Enjoy! 

“It is such a happiness when good people get together -- and they always do.” 


Details. Let's Get Down to Them. 

Photography: Photography Jensen

Hair: Meghan Quinn & Mariela Pano Gomez 

Make-Up: Russell Borns & Emily De Stefano & Sarah Thacker

Venue: terrain (Glen Mills, PA) 

Event Designers: terrain gatherings: KB & Sara & Schuyler

I was so honored to stand by my sister as her Maid of Honor. Here's what I had to say: 

No matter how far you have traveled to be here with Heather & Ron this evening, know that it means so much to them! Have you ever seen a more beautiful bride? And I don't just say that because we look alike; let's be honest, most of you at some point have probably confused Heather & I, and today, it's more than all right because there's no one else I'd rather be confused with. 

I’ve got to admit, Heather didn’t think I had this toast in me. (Little did she know, I had a public speaking element in every college class I took). After the eulogy last August for my dad, she came around.. or realized what I was capable of. (haha) - pause (laugh)  I think her exact wording was; “ok, you can give your maid of honor speech at the wedding now, not the rehearsal dinner.” (Upgrade!)  Her only request, just make me cry… I am not sure when that became a measure for how good a toast is, but lets give it a try!  

Everyone in love talks about the “moment”, you know the one where time stops, & the clouds part, and you just know you have found your soulmate. Well, I had that moment…. but it was more of “I just found my next brother”. In the fall of 2014 when our dad planned his first “sneak attack” & backed out of our surprise family vacation at 4:00 am… Ron didn’t panic. Rather he took care of all of us, and when mom, heather & I all get together, that’s no small task. But he did it. He cooked more food than we all could eat, stocked up on candy, bought movies on demand, and surrendered his living room to all of us so we could regroup. It was then, that I knew he was the one. He would be able to provide for my sister, protect her, and always put her & our family first when we really needed it. It was that selfless act in a time of need, that I knew, "he was the one".  

Ron by now, I am sure you have mastered the art of "Heather"... How she only eats two colors of Sour Patch kids, you've realized that grace... well isn't her middle name.... & falling, tripping, and losing her balance is all part of her charm... and that in 5 years you'll need a whole linen closet for all the throw pillow she collects.. 

All kidding aside, Heather - Time has given us stories and memories that only we have and that only we can share. Time has given use a deep understanding of the importance of family and unbreakable loyalty through hardship and unwavering love and joy in each others happiness's. Time has made two girls into two women. And now time has given you the love of her life, and given me the honor of standing next to you.  

I read a quote the other day, that said, “If a guy can’t handle a girl in sweats then he doesn’t deserve her in a wedding dress.” So if that’s true, Ron you have earned every bit of this because we all know much Heather loves her some sweats and Sunday afternoon family time.    

So I will close with this: 

May the most you wish for, be the least you get. I pray your love breaks the tie, a love that gets the last word when you come to the crossroads, and above all else that you choose love at the end of the day. Not just the love that is a feeling, not just the love that feels good. But the love that is a choice, love that is a verb and an action, a willingness - to never fail one another in love.  And always be as persistent in the way you love each other as the moment you both fell in love. 

Here's to Heather & Ron! 

All photos used are copyright of Jensen Photography.