Summer Bucket List

Hello SUMMER... well the unofficial start of summer! Memorial Day Weekend has always marked the start of summer for me. The weather changes, my mood changes and all things fun are on the horizon & this summer is no different. Being on the East Coast this summer, means more family time, more time to relax, a bit more freedom, a TON more fishing and more outdoor EVERYTHING. Last summer I was too busy... surviving... just kidding... I was too busy living life that I never made a summer bucket list. 

This summer, my main goal...

Do more fun shit! Say YES to more nights out, YES to new adventures, YES to more family time, YES to treating myself and YES to more travel! 


Several items on my Summer List can be crossed off in a few weeks, but y'all know I get so much satisfaction from crossing things off a list. That movement of sliding a pen across a piece of paper is such a feeling of accomplishment! Here, I electronically cross off bucket list items as I reach each one & I will write about each one as I complete them! 

Wild Game Dinner 

Explore Local Hiking Trail 

Change up Fitness Routine 

Find Perfect Swimsuit 

Family Vacation

Pick Berries With My Mom

Fly Fish a New River in a New State 

Paint Night  

Finish a Wood Working Project 



Vineyard Tours 

Shoot a 3D Tournament 

Get New Bow Dialed into 60 Yards 

Beach Trip

Have you made your list yet? What are you waiting for? 

Make a list & make it an epic summer!