A Year In Review. 2017

2017 you win & not in a bad way, this was a year for the books. A victory chapter. In January, 2017 looked like a lot of change, a lot of driving, a logistical nightmare, and a whole lot of trial and error. While it was all of those things and a handful more, this year turned out to be the most rewarding and gratifying. It held so much growth, positivity, & showed me just how much I am capable of doing on my own. There are certainly many things still left on my "to-do" list that will be rolled over into 2018, but all in all 2017 turned out alright!  

7,878 Photos & 377 Videos 

That is the current count from 2017 on my iPhone. Hundreds of photos serving as time capsules, memories forever remembered and the funny videos & landscape panoramic from the road. No picture or video will ever serve justice to the emotions of 2017, but they do remind me everyday how thankful I am to have this life. How thankful I am to my support group, my best friends, and my family for allowing me to lead this life. It is not easy, it is far from a cake walk, but every ounce of frustration is worth the small rewards that come along the way. I laid the groundwork this year for 2018. Everything I did this past year was to get me to where I am now. I see in hindsight that every closed door was to guide me to an open one. This is me going for broke, risking it all to have what few do... I created this life & I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle
- Napoleon Hill

In no particular order, the recap of 2017 


fully relocated to Montana 

saw Mt. Rushmore at dark.... just mom & I & the quiet of falling snow 

worked in a fly shop --- tied a lot of knots 

adopted Onyx, the most lovable little Black Lab German Shepard Mix 

caught my first cold smoke day...skied more in 2 months than in 10 years

road tripped to Kansas for an all girls turkey hunt... one of the most memorable hunts to date 

laughed until I could feel my abs weekly ... cried as a result of laughing more than ever before

fished with my best friends in West Virginia... multiple times 

FINALLY got my mom and sister catching fish on the fly 

braved several solo road trips across the county 

learned family history while in Omaha, Nebraska  

put the fly rod down and snowshoed through Teton National Park

got my nose pierced... love it!  

stood by my sisters side as she married the love of her lift  

put myself first: mentally!  


kept all my clients safe & alive & happy during guide season 

met the most rad ladies on the water and in the field 

learned A LOT about love, about losing love, and what I expect next time 

said yes more times than I said no 

shot my first West Virginia Black Bear & Canada Goose 

found the best sushi in Ogden, Utah 

guide life is not all its cracked up to be.. but it sure is rewarding 

fostered some very meaningful relationships 

left love alone when it was time to go 

worked with some outstanding companies in the outdoor industry 


watched the colors of the sun rise over the mountains many a mornings 

said adios to the negativity.. BYE BYE BYE 

ate the best breakfast from Jam! 

paddle boarded down a freestone 

hunted in 5 states 

visited my favorite guide in Canada twice 

took a job with Orvis! 

attended my first NHL finals game... GO FLAMES GO 

fished the Missouri River, Madison, Yellowstone, Gallatin. Montana's greatest waters 

taught children how to fly fish in Oregon 

set the hook on my first small mouth bass on the fly.... watching bass eat dry flies never gets old  

experienced the adrenaline of my first elk hunt & the rush you get hearing a 380 inch bull bugle 


I am not much for New Year resolutions, but I do set goals. Goals that are easy to achieve, ones that make me think long and hard about how to achieve them, and then the goals where it will take all year just to chip away at it. Write them down, discuss them, work on them! Cheers to 2017, let's write another victory chapter for 2018. 


Tomorrow I will be sharing my goals for 2018 & what I have on the calendar so far.