A Year in Review

I am not big on making New Years Resolution, I usually find myself writing down a whole list of to-do's rather than actual goals. Most are tasks; read more, learn to use Photoshop, get a puppy, or put more money into savings. Each of my typical resolutions required very little alteration to my normal habits, so when the time came to start thinking about what 2016 would bring, I made one resolution. Make 2016 the year of you.

Simple: do what makes me happy. 

As I scrolled back through thousands of photos from the past year, I accomplished just that. I put myself first, I traveled the most I have in years, changed careers, closed doors & opened many new ones. I have learned that putting yourself first, while at a glance may seem easy, is one of the hardest things I have ever done. When you stop and focus on yourself, not in a selfish way, but one where you place your happiness & needs first before others, you will be shocked at how easy it is to help others. I remember being told in college; " first you must make yourself happy, if not, how can you make others happy." I never fully understood that until this year. Putting myself first was not a punishment to my family & friends, rather it was the biggest gift I could have ever given them. 


rang in the New Year with rad musicians Tim Williams & John Valerio in Vegas 

walked on the wild side & colored my hair purple 

celebrated my ham of a nephew turning one  

broke out my dancing shoes for Man Jam's 

was serenaded under the stars by Jason Isbell & Chris Stapleton 

... added SoCo to our home 

I braved a Solo Road Trip to Atlanta  

checked off Savannah, GA & Charleston, SC from the travel list 

...... left half my heart on Folly Beach

said adios to corporate america.. and hola to FUN EMPLOYMENT

watched the 76ers... almost win from row 2  

drank PBRs from the end zone cheering on the Flyers 

played field hockey in Miami, Chicago, Atlanta & Rhode Island 

woke up in the woods

helped my beautiful sister find the most perfect wedding dress 

mastered the art of shoveling snow  

found my balance on the Bote Board  

experienced heart break at the deepest level... I will love you forever dad 

soaked up the sun all summer on the beach 

learned camo is my favorite color

new traditions were born.. where will 2017 take mom & i?... 

back to Montana I went 

got hooked on the outdoor life...this one is catch & keep 

spent the best weekend with my family in Vermont, memories I'll cherish for life 

accepted my first field staff position

But above all, I found my way on the path.  


If 2017 is anything like this past year, I welcome it with open arms! & remember God will point you in the right direction whether you realize it or not. Many of us have set out with one thing in mind and ended up somewhere else because the path simply went that way. I believe in moving, and letting God move the pieces around you. It's harder for God to work if you are standing still, it's not impossible, but boy must it help Him when we move.