Outdoors with Her was created in 2016 by Pennsylvania native & Montana transplant, Laurel Monaghan. Laurel is an avid angler, hunter and travel connoisseur.

The vision behind Outdoors with Her was to merge fly fishing, hunting, and traveling into one platform.  From wading in the small streams of your hometown or hiking up to peaks in Montana to scout for big game, it is my goal to support you in your experiences in the outdoors.  By sharing her adventures and love for the outdoors, Laurel's greatest hope is to inspire others, giving them the confidence to get on the water and in the field.

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I've partnered with Stacie Kenton to offer this 2 day workshop that includes classroom and on-the-water instruction, casting, tying, fish handling, water safety, fish cleaning/cooking lesson and so much more. Spaces are limited so be sure to snag your spot!